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Welcome to the Littleton Youth Soccer Club's home on the web...

We hope this site will serve to improve communication between the numerous volunteers, parents, coaches and players involved in our program. The Littleton Youth Soccer Club, a division of Littleton Park and Recreation, is staffed completely by volunteers. It is our hope that you all will use this site to improve your awareness of the program's offerings, needs, and limitations.

The number of families involved in soccer in Littleton has grown continuously over the past decade; thus, so has our need for both volunteers and program creativity, neither of which is ever easy to secure. We are thrilled to provide youth soccer for over 500 players. This year's board is enthusiastic and eager to grow the program as need be. Our effectiveness will depend on the attitudes and efforts of the players and their families, however. The more members of the community work together, the better the soccer experience will be for our youth.

The goal of the Littleton Youth Soccer Club is to provide an opportunity for every interested child in Littleton to play soccer. We seek to place each child in a setting where he or she will have the opportunity to improve skills while being successful competitively. Given the wide range of talent and interest among our players, this is not always easy. However, it is what we are striving for. Our teams are formed through a combination of coaching inputs, player assessment results, current age level and past competitive levels of play. In our In-town Program (PeeWee, U6 and U8) we strive to provide a balance of recreation and competitive teams via like age groups, abilities (from coach input, when available). All U10 and older players play in a Travel Program. With the growth of our program in the last 5 years (exceeding 250 travel players), we have instituted a Spring Player Assessment program. All players planning to play U10 through U14 in the following season are asked to attend the assessment day for their age group. Assessments are usually conducted by outside professional coaches or college players. Once players move to travel, more emphasis is placed on coach inputs, player assessment results and placement at proper developmental and competitive levels. This sometimes requires some movement of players from one season to next to achieve the proper level of play for all our teams. We place our teams in the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League. The NVYSL has been in existence for over 30 years providing recreation level play to competitive level play, both non-outcome and outcome based.

As you can see, there is a lot going on. The volunteers involved are donating a lot of energy and time. We encourage all of you to become involved with your child's team, and with the club as a whole. If you have concerns or questions, take the time to find the appropriate person to call, e-mail, or flag down on the field, and be patient as we work together to find a solution. We always welcome your support in your area of concern as well. Also, please understand that we are volunteers, trying to meet the needs of a community of over 500 players and coaches.

Thanks for "surfing" our way. Enjoy the season!

For the board,

Burt Morse, past president